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Subscribe to Brooklyn Vegan on . The owner, who's vegetarian herself, is very knowledgeable about which products are vegan and will give you lots of advice--she's a gem! Second choice goes to Veg World India; if you like Indian food and want a filling lunch, theirs includes an unlimited salad bar, a thali (selection of curries, rice, dhal, etc) and bread (ask for vegan cheese stuffed naan!). This means if you make a purchase after clicking, I may get a small percentage of the sale, at absolutely no extra cost to you. Opening hours: Experience the City: Our Top 5 Unique Bars in Barcelona, 5 Essential Items for Every Spanish Kitchen, Everything You Need to Know About Calçots, Warm Up This Winter With This Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate Recipe, The Most Popular Tapas in Barcelona That Are Worth All the Hype and More, 9 Michelin Star Restaurants in Barcelona for the Meal of a Lifetime. Phone: +34 930 27 67 46 Anyway, you can find some options in some big supermarkets like Bonpreu, which I’ve discovered has some varied options (seitan, tofu, vegan yogurts, etc). From vegan restaurants and cafes to a vegan shoe shop, supermarket, makeup store, eco clothing shops and yoga studios, Gracia's got it all! Since the other co-founder and I left Barcelona, a few of the meetup members took over as organizers and are still running it. This blog post was originally posted on November 21, 2017 and was updated on May 3, 2019. Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Nuremberg Filter and search through restaurants with gift card offerings. Phone: +34 933 01 34 42 If you're a fan of seasonal, local vegetables prepared creatively, head here for a meal. When you have dietary restrictions, it’s important to be able to communicate your needs when ordering food. This all-vegan cafe specialises in breakfast and brunch options like chickpea omelettes, avocado toast, pancakes and porridge. My favourite vegan breakfast in Barcelona is a croissant! Casa Bella Gracia offers a free airport shuttle, and each room has air conditioning, free wifi and a flat-screen TV, plus organic teas and a kettle. Hi Caitlin! 3. Updating Map... Neighbourhoods. Barcelona. Cosmetics Business shows the upcoming events and tradeshows for the cosmetics, toiletries and personal care industry. This was the regular breakfast spot while visiting Barcelona. What to pack Ich hoffe einfach, dass hier weiterhin fleißig gelesen und kommentiert wird, auch wenn ich nicht mehr aktiv blogge. Beware that Girona airport is NOT in Barcelona and it will take around an hour and a half to get from Girona to Barcelona by taxi or train. What a great resource. Satellite. We have opened a vegan shop just yesterday, 26th of February. Address: Passatge de Batlló, 4, 08036 Barcelona, Spain So, I thought it would be easier to put together a free online map of my favourite spots. The Don't Call Me Margarita has rocket pesto and their homemade cashew cheese. I’ve been looking everywhere for Tahini! Super excited to hear about ecocentre! so much flavour!) Another healthy lunch option is 2Y, an all-vegan macrobiotic restaurant. English Menu, where you can get the sausages. They're in most neighbourhoods so take a look around where you're staring. Teresa Carles is one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona, and it's popular, so it's best to book a table in advance. Vegetart makes the best vegan tortilla (they've even won awards!) Luxury 5-star hotel: Grand Hotel Central, 1e. Everything is designed, cooked and presented with maximum detail. The 5-star hotel combines old-school elegance, with its location housed in a refurbished Twenties era building, and modern amenities: each room has a rain-effect shower, air conditioning and a well-stocked free minibar. The only place I know of in Barcelona that serve a vegan full English breakfast, CactusCat bar is a vegan restaurant right by MACBA, the contemporary art museum. See restaurants with gift cards. Juices and full meals! Not all sunscreens are vegan (some contain animal products or are tested on animals). Spain actually has quite a few vegan hotels, and one of the best ones, Casa Albets, is just a few hours from Barcelona. Click here to grab your free sample! Vegan Barcelona: Is Barcelona Vegan Friendly? Click here to find out more about my Barcelona Vegan Guidebook, 1. So pop into a local bar and order an espresso and pan con tomate (pa amb tomaquet in Catalan). So if you're craving a full English, head here. And in case you are into an immersion into Catalan gastronomy and learning tons of local culture, our foodie experiences in Barcelona are vegan or vegetarian-friendly! There’s not a big selection but when you’re in a hurry it’s always an easy fix! Since I wrote my original review, Vacka moved to a new space inside a coworking space in the Poblenou neighbourhood. Satellite. They make my favourite burgers in Barcelona (I'm a fan of bean-y burgers!). I was worried the first time I went that it was an 'Instagram cafe' - pretty interiors and pretty plates, but food lacking in flavour. I recommend Jason sunscreen. Budget: Jam Hostel Most importantly, you need a bag like this that has removable straps that can be tied securely to your chair in restaurants.      3j. Opening Times: Mon 07:30 – 18:00, Tues – Fri 07:30 – 20:00, Sat 08:00 – 18:00 Their layered vegan lasagne with cashew cheese and sundried tomatoes. Currently, we have over 27,000 employees globally, with around 1,500 people working in our Berlin headquarters – all on a mission to deliver an amazing experience. Their only downfall is they don't come with chips/fries and they don't have them on the menu. into regenerating the markets and they are fantastic. :( (The owner’s moving abroad!) Some of it’s a bit expensive but omg the excitement of going into a supermarket and know that EVERYTHING is vegan? While they are not 100% vegan, they do have a very diverse vegan menu for breakfast, brunch, dinner and dessert. Other vegan spots: The Vegan Corner, Monchito’s, Cat Bar, CactusCat, Veggie Garden (budget), Rasoterra (inventive), 4. If you’re disappointed in the reinstatement of bullfighting in Catalonia, you can bet the region’s vegan proprietors are too. Rooms have balconies or face a vertical garden. BioXoco’s 3 course vegan set lunch menu follows macrobiotic principles, combining vegetables, pulses and vegetable proteins such as tofu or seitan. Vegan tapas: how to eat vegan anywhere in Barcelona, 10.      1b. Phone: +34 668 88 53 75 2. Want our insider’s guide to eating in Barcelona? Ecocentre are nice people running it, that come from the vegetarian restaurant world back in the 80s when vegetarianism was still the weirdest thing in the world here and catalan waiters would look at you as if you had a contagious disease when you asked for a vegetarian dish, mumbling with disgust the world “salad”. And weirdly, a lot of tapas places around Barcelona seem to sell hummus with crackers or bread. Mid-range: Casa Bella Gracia      3a. Gallo Santo (€€)      3b. This laidback vegan bar is the perfect spot for a beer and a burger in Born. Everything is vegan, everything is sugar-free, everything is organic, and there are plenty of raw-vegan options. Barcelona boasts a huge array of delicious veggie dishes and tapas. Find local Vegan groups in Barcelona and meet people who share your interests. If you're into raw food or healthy eating, or you just want to check out Barcelona's artisan vegan cheese scene, you have to check out The Living Food. Vegan burgers & sandwiches: Quinoa Bar, 3k. Address: Carrer Bruniquer 26 It’s been a while since I went (sadly too long) but I remember the food being great, and I haven’t even tried out half of the places you’ve covered here. Museum. Vegan pizza Barcelona: Blu Bar If you're booking a flight to Barcelona from within Europe, I highly recommend using Skyscanner. Address: Carrer de Sant Antoni de Abat 52 It’s an all-vegan restaurant in a quiet street, with absolutely delicious vegan and raw-vegan dishes. :) And I hope you get to try those croissants soon – let me know what you think! Return to Map . For all the rest of your needs, you can stop by one of the following specialty shops in Barcelona. Home » Travel » Spain » Vegan Barcelona: The Ultimate Guide to All You Need To Know. Facebook. Their sushi fillings are also very inventive -- think prickly pear, truffle oil and spiced pumpkin. I need to update this post to reflect it and will do shortly! 63 meters VISAVAJARA **body modification** - Nürnberg. Barcelona vegan food can be simple (and widely available). I mean, vegan croissants! What to get: polenta cubes (stuffed with mushroosm and coated in vegan parmesan), potatoes with romesco sauce and, if you're a fan of vegan seafood, the konjac 'squid' rings are popular, Bar Celoneta (€€) Copyright © 2021 The Vegan Word. Vacka. Website. The new kid on the block, this is currently Barcelona’s only 100% vegan bakery. We had the seven tapas tasting menu (€25 per person including two drinks, water, and a shared dessert), which was a great way to try a range of dishes without making any decisions. They make their own vegan cheese from tofu and carrots. I’m a Barcelona native just beginning to explore the vegan world (my transition is pretty recent) and I’m super happy to have found your post! Download your free sample of the Barcelona Vegan Guide! Local’s Tip: Want to take a look inside one of our favorite markets in Barcelona? They also run workshops there, including vegan cheesemaking classes! Especially useful when you're on holiday and might only use a little bit over the course of your trip. Hope you have a great time…it’s such a great city to visit! They also have vegan paella* and of course, several types of sangria. Creative vegan sushi: Roots & Rolls ), just my latest vegan life tips and guides. Teresa Carles (€€€) It’s another vegan supermarket, a lot smaller than Ecocentre, but good if you need something special that you can’t find at Bonpreu. Romesco sauce is a traditional Catalan sauce made of almonds and roasted red peppers. You'll find cooked bean shops (legumes cuits) dotted around the city, as well as the stalls in the markets. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Check on Facebook for the next Feria Vegana: You probably won't end up here unless you're staying in Gracia, but this place (near metro Joanic) is awesome because the prices are good, the owner is very lovely and helpful and they have quite the selection of beans! Kevin & Jessica. Vegan Chinese food in Barcelona: Vegesana, 3d. I've found it always searches out the best deals within Europe on a number of different airlines and aggregators. From the hotel, you can easily walk to most of Barcelona's attractions and some of its best vegan restaurants. raw, vegan & healthy food. Patatas bravas minus alioli - fried potato chunks in a spicy tomato/paprika sauce. The owner is great to talk to and will regale you with facts and stores while refilling your oil. For example, I've found accidentally vegan versions of:  hot chocolate mix for churro dipping, frozen churros, chocolate sauce for ice cream and caramel sauce. Find a restaurant . ), but be aware it's not a Catalan dish. I actually ended up linking to this post in my own Barcelona blog post. Website. Phone: +34 931 12 93 26 Vegere Vegan Beauty in Gracia is Barcelona’s first vegan beauty parlour, using only vegan products with their massages, nails, facials, make-up and hair removal. They were the first to start a totally vegan shop some years ago, and i really wish them all the luck of the world with their endeavour. It's the best vegan Barcelona tapas menu, so don't miss it. If you're travelling with non-vegans to Barcelona, don't fear! You see we eat dinner around 6-8 pm while dinner time for locals of Barcelona starts around 9. Restaurant. And there are many places to get it, but Bratwursthäusle is known as one of the oldest places to get these little sausages! :D, Love this post, it really helped me find some great food in Gracia!      3h. Holidays: Most places close for 2-3 weeks in August. Put your phone, cards, hotel key and cash in here and bring it with you into the water. Aw, and thank you! The food is too bland for my tastes, but it's popular because of the prices. Hier habe ich auch über das Ende von "Claudi goes vegan" geschrieben. Good news about Mercadona’s coca (shame it’s greasy though). Reservations are still highly recommended to avoid disappointment if you can't find a seat! As well as the bakery counter, which features cakes and brownies, they sell vegetables, ceramics and crafts. Can’t wait for the next installment (: Ecocentre’s the best!! :) Hope you have a great time – it’s a wonderful city! 100% vegan hotel: Casa Albets (outside Barcelona) One card - many opportunities. In fact, one of the easiest ways to get vegan food in a non-vegan place is to go for tapas. See restaurants with gift cards. They make vegan and sustainable shoes in Portugal and use some of the coolest sustainable materials like Pinatex (vegan leather made from pineapples) and recycled PET (recycled plastic!). If you don't mind a menu with only one vegan brunch option, Cremat 11 does a delicious vegan breakfast plate. Or, make sure someone in your group stays with the bags. Vegan Restaurants in Barcelona; Search. Most impressive-looking vegan dish in Barcelona: Sesamo, 3i. Gazpacho - a chilled tomato soup which is perfect for a hot summer day! Barcelona – it’s both city and beach, the architecture is divine, it overflows with culture and you can guarantee you’ll be dancing until dawn given its nightlife credentials. Website: I recently travelled to Barcelona and was overwhelmed by just how vegan friendly it was! Small little sausages grilled to perfection. That curry spread and the gorgeous ice pops and of course I love crispy potatoes <3 But the one that really got my mouth watering was that little cup of chocolate/cinnamon creme! Vegan food, cold drinks, healthy products. Vegan Barcelona: The Ultimate Guide to All You Need To Know, Vegan Athens: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Athens, Greece, Vegan Amsterdam: The Ultimate Vegan Guide to Amsterdam, The Best Luxury Vegan All Inclusive Resorts, Vegan Retreats: A Guide to the Best Vegan-Friendly Retreats, Vegan Travel: 4 Steps to Plan Your Best Ever Trip, Most Vegan Friendly Cities in the World in 2021, The Best Vegan Luggage: From the Vegan Weekender Bag to Vegan Backpacks, The Best Vegan Meal Kits You Need in Your Life Now, Best Blenders For Vegans: A Guide to the Ultimate Vegan Blender, Best Food Processor for Nut Butter: How to Pick the Ultimate One, Best Vegan Shampoo: Top Brands You Need in Your Life, Best Vegan Deodorant: 17 Brands You Need to Stop the Stink, The Best Vegan Sunscreen: A Cruelty-Free Buying Guide. Amapola in Gracia is an all-vegan shoe shop, which also sells vegan bags, belts and more. My first vegan friendly restaurant experience in Barcelona, and my favorite, was Teresa Carles. Even corner stores in Barcelona are starting to stock health-conscious options! The shop is beautifully arranged and the containers of food look like a work of art! However, there are many immigrants from other parts of Spain and Latin America (not to mention the rest of Europe and the world) living in Barcelona, who speak Spanish. I don't know why more people don't talk about Vegesana, but they should. An all vegan and mostly raw shop in hipster haven Sant Antoni, The Living Food sells every superfood, supplement, sauce, syrup and dried good you could want. Read about the best vegan hotels worldwide here. In 2016 Barcelona’s city council even declared it a #VegFriendly city and promised to promote vegetarianism and veganism. Address: Carrer de Provença, 310, 08037 Barcelona, Spain If you plan to swim, bring a swimsuit. With so much to choose from (a lot of people don’t believe just how vegan-friendly this jamon-obsessed city is), it’s tough to single out the best vegan eats but with my extensive experience eating my way around Barcelona here are my choices! 100% vegan hotel: Casa Albets (outside Barcelona). There's also a shared laundry area and free fairtrade tea and coffee is available throughout the day. 8. One of the must eats in Nurnberg is theNurnberg Sausage. I visited Barcelona as a vegetarian and am thrilled to share that the city is indeed veg friendly. 357 were here. What to get: Yuxiang aubergine (berenjena salteada), Vegesana (€€) What to get: Apple crumble, sweet potato (boniato) flautas, stuffed with potatoes and sweet potatoes and fried. What to get: Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 11, 08005 Barcelona, Spain I highly recommend bringing a waterproof case to the beach if you plan on swimming. If you've never tried it, you should -- it's delicious! Thanks for sharing! Madrid.      3g. View map. As a thank you for reading this far, I'd like to offer you a free sample from my Barcelona Vegan guidebook. While some of the older generation may not be completely fluent in Spanish, most people under the age of 50 are fluent in Spanish, and learn it in school. You can eat very well as a vegan or a vegetarian at specialty restaurants (of course) but there are also several non-vegetarian restaurants where you can eat vegan and vegetarian in Barcelona. Spend 3 Euros on some food there and take it to nearby Placa del Sol for an al fresco lunch. Guest post by Dorian Christian. Never leave your bag at your feet or hanging from the back of your chair without securing it to the chair or yourself! Check and buy flights on Expedia. The restaurants Sésamo Sant Antoni Abat 52, 08001, Barcelona Tel: 934 41 64 11 Sésamo is not just for vegetarians. Vegan burgers & sandwiches: Quinoa Bar Otherwise, the classic burger. It's a bit out of the centre (but still easy to reach by public transport or walking), with a village-y, local feel, and a lot of vegan businesses. The views of the surrounding area look absolutely stunning, and a variety of popular activities are available locally, including skiing and cycling. The airport in Barcelona is called El Prat (BCN) and is located around 12 kilometers/7.5 miles from the centre of Barcelona. is the best in all of the city, hands-down. Will be a pleasure for us met you here!! Want to stay in a vegan hotel on your next trip? Definitely go here if you want to experience a typical, old-school Barcelona bakery! All rights reserved. 21 Days 3. Tattoo & Piercing. Vegan shopping (groceries, shoes, makeup and more) The neighbourhood also has lots of independent designers, eco clothing shops and yoga studios. ADDRESS: Travessera de Gràcia, 203, 08012 Barcelona, Spain METRO STATION: Joanic La Trocadero in Barcelona. They’re very active and the group has over 1000 members now! This cute little cafe, right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, is the perfect place to stop for coffee and cake. Can I ask what you were doing (job-wise) in Barcelona? Please note that sadly Rizoma has just closed. :) Let me know what you think. This makes me want to move to Barcelona. Their prices go … The service can be a bit slow, and the day I went I was in a rush to get to a flat viewing, so this is one I need to go back and try again. It's a shop that sells dried foods in bulk, without any packaging, to reduce waste. … ), Green Spot (€€€) I wrote before about the magic of the freshly prepared Green Spot vegan curry. Teresa Carles. The world just needs more vegan croissants. It helps if you can read Spanish; if not, be sure to have a handy translation app on your smartphone (Google Translate is free to download)! Let me know if you’d like a partner, I’d be happy to try some barcelonian vegan delicacies! Kunsthalle Nürnberg. If you feel like taking a trip to the countryside from Barcelona, you couldn't choose a better spot than Casa Albets, an all-vegan hotel. Yes, they’re so amazing!! Hope you've found this helpful! Hey guys! I love the croissants with a coffee (they have non-dairy milk available). Phone: +34 934 41 64 11 Calle de Fuencarral, 52 +34 918 05 80 10 . Unless you have a very small appetite, you'll want both a starter and main. Quinoa (€) Try their vegan tapas, too, or their tasting plate if you want to sample a lot of dishes. Not related to CactusCat bar, Cat Bar is one of the oldest all vegan places in Barcelona, if not the oldest vegan place in Barcelona, and home to some of Barcelona's best vegan patatas bravas. There is a huge asian/oriental market called Yang Kuang just above the arc de triomf with a MOUNTAIN of vegan food (and the asian markets are the cheapest places to find tofu!) Others are shiny new stores inaugurated in the last few years as the zero waste movement picked up steam. Oh yes romesco sauce, how could I forget! Vegan Tapas. This flexitarian restaurant serves up healthy vegan breakfasts like an acai bowl, pink pitaya bowl, chia flax bagel with vegan cream cheese and tempeh or more. Even better, the tortilla is only €1.50 a slice! Vegan Chinese food in Barcelona: Vegesana Several people tell me it still is creative, so I'm going to go try it again soon. Vincent 4. View map. Vegans & Bio is a vegan supermarket, and it's much larger than most vegan supermarkets I've seen in London, Paris or Berlin. 100% vegan hotel: Casa Albets (outside Barcelona), Click here to check the latest prices and availability, vegan Barcelona guidebook -- and you can download a FREE sample here, Vegesana: Best Vegan Chinese Food in Barcelona, Veg World India: Best Indian Vegan Restaurant Barcelona, Sesamo Barcelona: Most Impressive-Looking Vegan Dish in Barcelona, Best for creative vegan sushi: Roots & Rolls, Vegan Mexican food in Barcelona: Gallo Santo, the authentic, old-school version is vegan, La Besneta vegan bakery Barcelona (100% vegan), Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of Europe, a dialect of Spanish; it is a language which developed out of Latin,, Vegan Gran Canaria: A Guide to Vegan Las Palmas, Vegan Brighton: Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants Brighton, The Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes in 2020, 101+ Popular Vegan Gifts: Best Gifts for Vegans Online in 2020. Gracia's still close to the main attractions but a little quieter, with a more bohemian and neighbourhood feel to it, and a ton of vegan businesses, ranging from restaurants to a vegan supermarket, a vegan shoe shop and a vegan makeup store. (vegan) Don't miss the vegan Mexican food and cocktails at Gallo Santo. Just grab some paper bags and fill with as much of you want and when you get to the till they'll weigh and label them. Bread rubbed with garlic, tomato and olive oil (a sort of Catalan version of bruschetta) is a popular breakfast food in Catalunya and available in 99% of tapas bars. It's also dog-friendly! Cal Veganic. Gata Organic Cosmetics is a vegan-friendly organic makeup store in Raval. They are only open for lunch apart from on Fridays when they open for dinner, too. Vom Fass is a bulk store in Gracia specialising in liquids! If you're flying to Barcelona from North America, I recommend Expedia. Experience vegan Barcelona. Try the jar cake. Nothing's worse than arriving in a new country and realising your phone is running out of charge and you don't have a plug adapter, so can't charge it! In fact, all their food is all just a few Euros! 8:00 PM 2 guests. Apart from La Boqueria, the famous market off Las Ramblas, most of the markets in Barcelona are not frequented by tourists. Phone: +34 668 88 53 75 ;) (I’m a bad influence!) As well as generous with info. Ven Vegano is another vegan store near Sagrada Familia, and they sell a range of both specialty vegan products and dried goods like noodles and beans. There are political sensitivities around language use and Spanish vs Catalan. What to get: don't miss the tortilla. I haven't been yet. In a city famous for chorizo, cheese and seafood, it can be hard getting by as a vegan or veggie. Still looking for pizza? Thanks for sharing these restaurants — I’ll be visiting again for the first time in 5 or 6 years, and so much has changed since then! There are a few vegan and vegan-friendly bakeries in Barcelona, so you won't miss dessert. They also have a room in the back where they sometimes have talks so keep an eye out for upcoming events! It’s a perfect place to stock up on some delicious fruits and vegetables. No vegan and vegetarian guide to Barcelona would be complete without mentioning these great little stores. I think the problem is really that the mains and starters are around the same size, so you definitely shouldn't order just a main. I had been there a … 1# El Cafe Blueproject. If you've got a kitchen, you'll definitely want to check out the local markets! Thanks for writing this post! Vegan breakfasts & brunch: Eat My Trip, Eqvilibrium, CactusCat, Flax & Kale, Cremat 11, Santoni, Santa Clara, and how to order vegan breakfast anywhere in Barcelona, 6. I loved reading this so much! Pa amb tomaquet/pan con tomato (tomato bread) - a typical Catalan breakfast dish (but great at any time of day!) It's still open to the public but the menu is very limited (just a set lunch menu without choices) and I've heard the space is quite small. Do you remember at which market you found it?      3i. You'll find around two dozen stalls selling mainly food but also bags, t-shirts and cosmetics. They post the weekly menu on their Instagram, so you can see which day you'd like to go. They also have tapas, vegan lasagne and cake (try the doughnuts served with coconut cream!). :) There are so many new places opening all the time in Barcelona these days it’s hard to keep up with all of them! Escalivada (roasted vegetables) - a mix of grilled aubergines, onions, red peppers and tomatoes, usually served with bread. If you love art, Barcelona is definitely a must-visit destination. It sometimes sells out within minutes. We had the vegan paella at BarCeloneta Sangria bar near Barceloneta beach. Xavier Pellicer's previous restaurant, Celeri, was awarded a Michelin star and I loved my meal there. Click here to buy my Barcelona vegan guidebook. Monchito's is a vegan Mexican taqueria in the centre of Barcelona. Where to stay: best vegan hotel Barcelona Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel, 6 +34 933 28 27 32 .      3e. Your perfect escort for 2 days! Weirdly, I prefer their starters to their mains (I find the flavours more creative and tasty) so I recommend you order a few starters and a selection of sushi. And they are delicious! Map. If you're a fan of old-school veggie burgers made with beans over thew newer burgers that replicate meat, then head to Quinoa Bar.

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